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To do orienteering in your own time - see our Permanent Courses or virtual courses using the MapRun phone app

  • Entries for Xmas 5-Days are now open and close on Dec 14th.
  • The online December edition of the Australian Orienteer is now available. Go to About Us -> News -> Australian Orienteer.
  • Memberships for 2022 are now open. Sport Voucher applications are also open now. They have been extended & are now available for students aged 5-15 as of 31/12/2022. For more information go to About Orienteering -> Join Now  A good time for non members to consider joining now as it includes members entry rates at events in Nov & Dec 2021


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Coaching and Training


Orienteering SA offers a wide range of Coaching & Training activities that suit all ages and abilities. Explore the various menus to see what is available.

Some formal training activities are listed in the Event list at the right, other general fitness and less formal activities are listed on the general  Coaching and Training page.

OSA also offers coaching programs for juniors and in schools, either in response to school requests and through the Sporting Schools program.  See the various schools related menus for more information.



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