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Event Calendar

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Printed copies of the progamme are available at events.  This also summarises event types and other information about orienteering.

Always check the details of any listed event below by checking the event details in Eventor (open from the link) as changes are sometimes necessary.

A separate calendar for Fitness Training activites and some techincal training activities is mainatained using the SPOND app.  For details see the Coaching and Training Page.

For rogaine events see the SARA Event page here.

DayDateEventOrganising clubDiscipline
Friday23-Feb-24NT: 2024 Wet Season Series Event 4 - Stuart ParkTop End OrienteersFoot orienteering
Friday23-Feb-24Snap Sprint Series Race 4 - GlenelgSA ArrowsFoot orienteering
Friday01-Mar-24NT: 2024 Wet Season Series Event 5 - Parap/LudmillaTop End OrienteersFoot orienteering
Friday01-Mar-24Port Lincoln NorthLincoln OrienteersFoot orienteering,
Park and street orienteering
Sunday03-Mar-24SA Sprint Distance Championships - Aberfoyle Park HSOnkaparinga Hills Orienteering ClubFoot orienteering
Thursday07-Mar-24Central Adelaide Schools Zone Event 1 Burnside PSOrienteering SAFoot orienteering
Friday08-Mar-24NT: 2024 Wet Season Series Event 6 - Rapid CreekTop End OrienteersFoot orienteering
Wednesday13-Mar-24Midweek Training Season TicketOrienteering SAFoot orienteering
Wednesday13-Mar-24Midweek Training at Mt Crawford, Rocky PaddockOrienteering SAFoot orienteering
Thursday14-Mar-24Central Adelaide Schools Zone Event 2 Black Forest PSOrienteering SAFoot orienteering
Friday15-Mar-24NT: 2024 Wet Season Series Event 7 - Cullen BayTop End OrienteersFoot orienteering
Friday15-Mar-24Port Lincoln - Kirton PointLincoln OrienteersFoot orienteering,
Park and street orienteering
Sunday17-Mar-24SE Parklands and OSA AGMOrienteering SAFoot orienteering,
Park and street orienteering
Sunday17-Mar-24Whyalla Golf CourseSaltbush OrienteersPark and street orienteering,
Foot orienteering
Thursday21-Mar-24Central Adelaide Schools Zone Event 3 Linden Park PSOrienteering SAFoot orienteering
Sunday24-Mar-24NT: 2024 East PointTop End OrienteersFoot orienteering
Sunday24-Mar-24Coffin Bay Street/ParkLincoln OrienteersFoot orienteering,
Park and street orienteering
Sunday24-Mar-24Belair NPOnkaparinga Hills Orienteering ClubFoot orienteering
Thursday28-Mar-24Australian 3 days 2024 CampingOrienteering SAFoot orienteering
Friday29-Mar-24Australian 3 Days 2024 - NOL Prologue & Public SprintOrienteering SAFoot orienteering
Friday29-Mar-24Australian 3 Days 2024 - Family Teams EventOrienteering SAFoot orienteering
Friday29-Mar-24Australian 3 Days 2024 MerchandiseOrienteering SAFoot orienteering
Saturday30-Mar-24Australian 3 Days 2024Orienteering SAFoot orienteering
Sunday07-Apr-24Port Lincoln: Boston IslandLincoln OrienteersFoot orienteering
Sunday14-Apr-24NT: 2024 Holmes JungleTop End OrienteersFoot orienteering
Sunday14-Apr-24GawlerTintookies OrienteersFoot orienteering
Sunday14-Apr-24Wetlands and Tower HillSaltbush OrienteersFoot orienteering,
Park and street orienteering
Wednesday17-Apr-24Midweek Training at Para WirraOrienteering SAFoot orienteering
Sunday28-Apr-24NT: 2024 Territory Wildlife ParkTop End OrienteersFoot orienteering
Sunday28-Apr-24False BaySaltbush OrienteersFoot orienteering
Sunday05-May-24Morialta Park and StreetWallaringa Orienteering ClubFoot orienteering
Sunday05-May-24Port Lincoln: MourilyaLincoln OrienteersFoot orienteering,
Park and street orienteering
Saturday11-May-24Craigburn FarmOnkaparinga Hills Orienteering ClubFoot orienteering,
Mountain bike orienteering
Wednesday15-May-24Midweek Training at KuitpoOrienteering SAFoot orienteering
Sunday19-May-24NT: 2024 Gunn EscarpmentTop End OrienteersFoot orienteering
Sunday19-May-24Moonabie RangeSaltbush OrienteersFoot orienteering
Sunday19-May-24Seymour College (Adelaide)Tjuringa OrienteersFoot orienteering
Sunday26-May-24Para Wirra/Lady Alice Goldfields OYTintookies OrienteersFoot orienteering
Sunday26-May-24Port Lincoln: WannaLincoln OrienteersFoot orienteering
Friday31-May-24South Australian Schools team NominationOrienteering SAFoot orienteering
Sunday02-Jun-24Woodhouse (Activity Centre) Sprint Orienteer of the Year eventWallaringa Orienteering ClubFoot orienteering
Sunday02-Jun-24Cooyerdoo HillSaltbush OrienteersFoot orienteering
Saturday08-Jun-24Port Lincoln: Louth BayLincoln OrienteersFoot orienteering
Sunday09-Jun-24SA Long Distance Championships - Port LincolnLincoln OrienteersFoot orienteering
Monday10-Jun-24Port Lincoln: gurra yardaLincoln OrienteersFoot orienteering
Sunday16-Jun-24Prospect Hill (Kuitpo)Tjuringa OrienteersFoot orienteering
Wednesday19-Jun-24Midweek Training at Mt CrawfordOrienteering SAFoot orienteering
Sunday23-Jun-24Mt Laura Hills SouthSaltbush OrienteersFoot orienteering
Sunday23-Jun-24Port Lincoln: Surfleet CoveLincoln OrienteersFoot orienteering
Saturday29-Jun-24StrathalbynOnkaparinga Hills Orienteering ClubFoot orienteering,
Park and street orienteering
Sunday30-Jun-24Port ElliotOnkaparinga Hills Orienteering ClubFoot orienteering,
Park and street orienteering
Sunday07-Jul-24Moonabie WestSaltbush OrienteersFoot orienteering
Sunday07-Jul-24Simmonds HillTintookies OrienteersFoot orienteering
Wednesday17-Jul-24Midweek Training at Mack CreekOrienteering SAFoot orienteering
Sunday21-Jul-24Port Lincoln: Log Hut GullyLincoln OrienteersFoot orienteering
Sunday28-Jul-24Corunna GapSaltbush OrienteersFoot orienteering
Saturday03-Aug-24Night Championships - Belair NP Onkaparinga Hills Orienteering ClubFoot orienteering
Wednesday14-Aug-24Midweek Training at Simmonds HillOrienteering SAFoot orienteering
Saturday17-Aug-24Mulga ValleyTintookies OrienteersFoot orienteering
Sunday18-Aug-24Paradise (Burra)Tjuringa OrienteersFoot orienteering
Sunday18-Aug-24Port Lincoln: Mena ViewLincoln OrienteersFoot orienteering
Sunday25-Aug-24Whyalla HillsSaltbush OrienteersFoot orienteering,
Park and street orienteering
Sunday08-Sep-24SA Middle Distance Championships Wirreanda FarmWallaringa Orienteering ClubFoot orienteering
Sunday08-Sep-24Port Lincoln: Flinders/Pioneer ParkLincoln OrienteersFoot orienteering,
Park and street orienteering
Sunday15-Sep-24Whyalla EastSaltbush OrienteersFoot orienteering,
Park and street orienteering
Wednesday18-Sep-24Midweek Training at TBAOrienteering SAFoot orienteering
Sunday22-Sep-24SA Interclub RelaysSA ArrowsFoot orienteering
Wednesday16-Oct-24Midweek Training at BelairOrienteering SAFoot orienteering
Sunday20-Oct-24Hallett Cove (Adelaide)Tjuringa OrienteersFoot orienteering
Wednesday20-Nov-24Midweek Training at Mt CrawfordOrienteering SAFoot orienteering
Wednesday18-Dec-24Midweek Training at TBAOrienteering SAFoot orienteering

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