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As part of the Sporting Schools program Orienteering South Australia can provide the following services to your school; MAPPING OF THE SCHOOL, LESSONS & COACHING & PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT, and EQUIPMENT FOR PURCHASE so that staff can teach orienteering.  More details are outlined below.

Orienteering is an outdoor sport part based on navigating with a map, but teaches children decision making and encourages self confidence. It appeals to non-sporty children as much as those who are already active. You don’t have to be a champion runner because it involves your mind and body working together. Students can go at whatever pace they like - walk, jog or run. While it can be competitive, it's not just about speed. They have to interpret the map and choose the best route between control points. This may not necessarily be the shortest route. Unlike team sports, students won't be 'left on the bench' or 'waiting to be passed the ball'. In orienteering, you need to be “on the ball”! 

To get involved in orienteering you will need a specially prepared orienteering map of your school grounds. A school orienteering map is very detailed and becomes a great resource to use in other ACARA curriculum areas eg. science, maths and geography.


The first step will be to create a map. Depending on the size and complexity of the school grounds this may cost between $250 and $600. The map at the link below shows the location of currently mapped schools. Depending on the date the map was made - some may need an update in order to be used - School Maps

All school orienteeriing maps are made with a standard map legend - dowload here

Moana 1500


The programme we are offering is based on the Orienteering Sporting Schools Deleivery Guide adapted to your school needs and the ages of the particpants.  The program can be delivered by an accredited coach generally over 4 sessions. Each session will involve a little bit of theory and lots of fun activities to learn the skills used in orienteering.  A summary of some of the actvities that may be delivered for the different age groups is here.  These activities are based on the Orienteering Sporting Schools Deleivery Guide.  This guide is available to teachers who have a background in orienteering or are prepared to undertake some professional development.   Email us using the link below if you wish to have a copy.


Basic Introduction to course planning using free Purple Pen software, this software is used to create orienteering courses using an orienteering map of your school.


As part of a Sporting Schools program, equipment can be purchased to support those teachers who have the skills to deliver the program, or wish to have equipment to conduct future orienteering actvities in their school


To apply for Sporting Schools funding, use the Sporting Schools web site (link at the top).  If you need more information on the orienteering programs that can be offered, please email us (link below). And refer to these FAQs and Flyer


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