General Training Activities

Summer Technical Training - Wednesday Evenings

Technical training is held generally at 6 PM on Wednesday evening over summer. Locations are urban parks around Adelaide.  Events are listed in Eventor, and in the event progam list on the Home page and Event Calendar page.  Cost is $2 per person to cover map costs.

Always check Eventor for the time and location.

Some technical training may also be held on Saturday mornings (see below)

Tuesday Night Fitness Training

Running during the daylight saving summer period is at Morialta - start in the carpark on Stradbroke Rd at 6 PM.

Saturday Fitness - and Technical Training

Try a 5 km ParkRun - 8 AM at various venues. Technical training may be held at some Park Run venues.  Contact Simon on 0424 370 127 to check and advise attendance so maps can be available.

Sunday Summer Fitness Training

Fitness training runs are held starting at Bridgewater Oval over the summer (when no event is held).  Catering for differnt fitness levels.

Start at 8 AM at Bridgewater Oval. An earlier start may occur on hot days.

Contact Bridget 0432 511 836 or Simon 0424 370 127

Training Maps for Use and Results

Sprint map of the East Parklands - Eastparklands.jpg

Sprint Map of Glenelg - Glenelg.ELITE.pdf

Flinders Uni Sprint Training - Flinders Uni Sprint 20161116.Sprintervals.jpg

Results - Glenelg Training 30 Nov 2016 - 20161130 Glenelg.pdf 

Sprint training course at  Underdale  30 Dec 2016 - Nazareth Sprint.pdf

Hawthorndene Reserve - Sprint Relay 4th Jan 2017  - Joans Pantry Training 2017.jpg

Maze course at Belair - MAZERUNNER1.jpg

Sprint Relays Maps at Glenelg - T Glenelg Training.AB.pdf  T Glenelg Training.CD.pdf

3 km Time Trial at Santos Stadium - 6th March - results

For Videos of Some Training Activities Click here to go to our You Tube site

 Belair NP Time Trail Loop -

A 7 km loop in Belair NP was used by Junior and Senior Arrows as a training time trial loop.  This loop can be done at any time, and  the squad members should send their times to coaches Bridget and Stefano.  Others are welcome to use the loop for training as well.

The loop is below and copies can be downloaded as a PDF - Nopeet Loop 2016.pdf

Previous results for the loop - Nopeet_Loop 4.jpg

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