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by Ken Thompson 2003 Updated Ver 4.1 27th Feb 2019

I would like to acknowledge reference to the previous guidelines prepared by Phil Hazel(1996) and notes prepared by Geoff Bennett.(2003)and Maarten Nieuwenhoven(2003) A number of other club members provided valuable feedback and input which is appreciated. Suggestions for further improvements and additions would be welcome.  I have tried to ensure that these guidelines are consistent with the current Orienteering Australia and Orienteering SA guidelines.

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1. Introduction

Appendix G: Orienteering SA Safety Policy

2. References

Appendix H: Orienteers & Your Land

3. Planning Checklist for Event Organisers

Appendix I: Orienteering SA Course Specifications

4. Planning Checklist for Course Planners

Appendix J: Course Planning Guidelines

Appendix A1: Registration Information Sign

Appendix K: IOF Control Descriptions (Australian version)

Appendix A2: Start Information Sign

Appendix L: Environmental Code of Practice

Appendix A3: Course & Safety Information Sign

Appendix M1: Punch Codes: Patterns & Serial Numbers

Appendix B: Event Fees Sign

Appendix M2:Punch Codes: Serial Number Descriptions

Appendix C:  Tintookies Trailer Contents

Available from Club Property Officer

Appendix M3: Punch Codes: Pin Patterns Only

Appendix D: Other Tintookies Equipment

Available from Club Property Officer

Appendix N: Event Directions and Signage Guidelines

Appendix E: Event Statistics Sheet

Appendix O1: Start Times Sheet (pdf file)

Appendix F: Sample Duty Roster

Appendix O2: Start Time Sheet as Editable Excel Worksheet


Your willingness to assist the club by organising events or course setting is very much appreciated. It is hoped that these guidelines will assist towards achieving the following:

  • Providing you with practical assistance as event organisers or course planners regardless of level of experience
  • Help to achieve some degree of consistency with regard to levels of course difficulty.
It is important to understand that the event organiser has oversight over all aspects of the event including course planning. In the case of major events a controller is appointed by ORIENTEERING SA or OA to provide advice and direction to the event organiser. For all other events a club controller is appointed.


Much of the material in these guidelines and more is in the Technical Section of the ORIENTEERING SA Website. Go to About Us -> Event Management  or About Us -> Technical Information

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