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Would you like to try orienteering? The link below to some samples of our maps and courses will give you a taste of what it is like. This is, however,  no substitute for being there. Getting involved in orienteering gets you to some places you would otherwise not be able to go.

If you really want to find out what it is like why not check out our Events and come along. You will be very welcome. Just tell them at registration that you are new to the sport and a coach will be available to help you get started. Another way of trying the sport out is to use one of our permanent courses. Go to DIY Orienteering to check this out.


Maps currently available: 15th June 2011..only available through link above.

If the above link does not work go to the following link (iinet & associated companies appear to be blocked):

Download No 2


  • Casuarina Ridge near Whyalla (added June 2011) Map used for the South Australian Long Championships June 2011. All of this map is on private property. Copyright Saltbush Orienteering Club Inc.
  • The following map is located near Broken Hill. (added May 2011)Three course samples are included which were used to help select the South Australian Team to represent our state at the 2010 National Schools Championships. Some consideration is being given to returning to this area for the 2015 National Easter Orienteering Carnival.Copyright Orienteering SA Inc.

    - Broken Hill: The Paddocks Junior Girls Course

    - Broken Hill: The Paddocks Junior Boys Course

    - Broken Hill: The Paddocks Senior Boys Course

  •  Mack Creek April 2011 GPS Tracks showing route choice of several competitors between controls. What would be your route choice & why? Northern part within Para Wirra Recreation Park and southern part is owned by Trinity College & is private property. Copyright Tintookies Orienteering Club Inc.
  • Ngaralta March 2011 (near Monarto) Course 4 Cross Country Event Short Hard Navigation 3.14km 120metres climb 1: 10 000 . Hard courses usually vary from  3km(Course 4) - 10-12km (Course 1). All of this map is on private property. Copyright: Tintookies Orienteering Club Inc.
  • St Peters College: March 2011 Course 2 Sprint Event. 2.7km Moderate Navigation. All of this map is on private property. Copyright Onkaparinga Hills Orientering Club Inc.
  • Lady Alice Goldfield: (Para Wirra Recreation Park & Hambug Scrub Wildlife Sanctuary) Sept 2010 Australian Middle Distance Championships Course 8 W17-20E & M65A 3.0km 100m climb. Copyright Tintookies Orienteering Club Inc.






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