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 Latest News
  • 2023 OSA AGM will be held on Sunday 26 March at 12 noon at Belair National Park.

    Business of the Meeting:

    1. Confirm Minutes of the previous AGM
    2. Receive  2022 Annual Report of the President and other members.
    3. Receive the Treasurer’s Report.
    4. Elect Executive Officers and the Management Committee for the coming year.  
    5. Any questions.

    Contact Fi Pahor email1 for further information or questions. Click here for nomination form

  • SA Schools Individual Championships: Mon May 29th - Bonython Park. Entries are now open. Click here for entry form and more details.,Entries close on Fri 19th May.
  • The first issue of the Australian Orienteer for 2023 is now available online. Go to About Us -> Australian Orienteer

Orienteering Course Planning

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Orienteering Course Planning

A short introduction to course planning for Easy, Moderate and Hard courses has been created by Bridget Uppill. You can view the video here -

In particular for Hard Navigation courses note the course apsects to avoid discussed near the end of the video.

Course planners should then review more documents with details on planning courses for

  • The different event types (Long, Middle and Relay)
  • The different Navigation standards

on the Technical documents page here  - https://www.sa.orienteering.asn.au/about-us/technical-information

Additionally newsletter articles on this topic are planned, beginning with Long Distance Orienteering in the current newsletter. These articles will aim to provide information to course planners e.g. Long Distance courses are not just a long course, Middle Distance courses are not just middle length, and to give orienteers an idea of what to expect. 

The article on Long Distance course planning can also be downloaded here.

Course planners are also reminded that short hard courses need to be less physically demanding than longer hard courses, remembering that technical difficulty does not necessarily mean physical difficulty. For an article on this subject refer to –


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