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Southern Darts Training is Back for 2022!

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Who? The Southern Darts is a training squad for junior orienteers aged 8-12 most likely learning easy-beginner moderate navigation. We are a social squad focused on helping children

  • to become more independent with their orienteering skills to move away from shadowed orienteering with a parent and
  • for those coming from primary school orienteering and wanting to learn more advanced skills in a competitive setting.

What? Each year Orienteering SA hosts a number of training sessions for the Darts. These are usually held in the first and second half of the year. The training at the beginning of the year is to help juniors become more confident with their skills to help them with SA Schools orienteering champs and other bush competitions. The training in the second half of the year is to extend those skills learnt in the beginning of the year as the juniors transition into Summer orienteering events and into the new year. Juniors aged 8-12 are welcome to join at any stage of the year. New members are always welcome!

When? Trainings for the first half of the year will be held in conjunction with orienteering events. The trainings will be held 30mins before the events start using the same map the event will be on. The aim of the training is to learn a new skill before the event to practice in the event after. The trainings are free but you must register for the event on Eventor as normal. Parents are more than welcome to also participate in the trainings (in fact, be prepared to get involved!)

Training days (in conjunction with events that you must register for on Eventor)

27th March- Belair NP - Which way is north? How to make rough bearings

3rd April- Stony fell - reading the map and learning what the symbols mean

1st May- Morphett Vale - using a linear feature to find your control

15th May- Wadmore Park - Relocation. Using the features around me to figure out where I am

29th May- Mt Crawford - Using bearings to go cross country (cutting corners)

If you wish to attend the trainings before the events, Please contact Bridget Uppill to let her know. Please be there 5 mins before the training starts to be ready to go (be at training at 9:25am for training to start at 9:30. Events after start at 10am)

Bridget Uppill- coaching coordinator for Orienteering SA



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