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Orienteering Events to Recommence!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Orienteering events are restarting on Sunday June 14th - I am sure everyone will be pelase to hear this.

However we have to run these events according to the current restrictions, so we are asking everyone to follow the general guidelines below, and those that are advised with the event information.

These events will follow the OSA Sport Reboot Plan and other specific Event Guidelines to enable events to be managed according to the various social disrancing and other government guidelines (Department of Health, Office of Recreation and Sport)

Events will be until advised otherwise:

  • Be pre-entry only through Eventor
  • Be pre-pay only when you enter
  • Maximum of 80 present at an event. This includes parents or others who are at the event area but not going on a course. If so you are to enter in the Non-Participant Class (unless you plan to stay away from the event area)
  • When 80 entrants are entered, entry will be closed by the organizer
  • Anyone who comes to an event and has not pre-entered cannot participate, and will have to leave
  • If we receive significant interest in event from those who enquire about the event after the 80 maximum has been reached, OSA will post PDFs of maps on Eventor after the event so you can do the event in your own time (no physical controls though). Some courses may also be added to MapRun

These processes avoid a registration process and payment at events.

And the above need to be followed otherwise OSA may not be able to hold future events.

Al those entering and attending events are

  • Read all the event information in Eventor before entering
  • Not attend an event if you have any symptoms that may be indicative of a respiratory virus such as COVID-19, or are subject to any current self-isolation requirements
  • At the event, read all event information and follow instructions in this information
  • You will be responsible for your personal belongings including car keys
  • Advise the event registration of your arrival, and also when you depart
  • Come and do your course, and then leave. If you want to socialize then get together with your friends away from the event area.

Upcoming events are listed in the Event Calendar.

Also if you cannot or do not want to attend organized events, other options to orienteer in your own time are:

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