South Australia's Orienteering Clubs & Membership 2017

 Club Membership for 2017 is now due. Renewal is easy for individuals or families. To ensure continuity renewal should be done before the end of February. For information about the Sport Voucher Programme please scroll down.

  • Just log on to Eventor at If you have forgotten you logon or password just click on "I have forgotten my login details" If you are still having difficulties get in touch with me.
  • Go to My Pages
  • My memberships
  • click on the renew button and follow the prompts.

The whole family can be renewed at the same time. Please make sure all your family members are entered on Eventor.

New members also have the option of downloading a paper form MembershipForm2017NewMembers.doc Copies will also be available at events.

Sport Vouchers are available again for primary age students so if eligible remember to apply before renewal or applying for membership. This represents a big saving in membership fees.

 Note: To get details re SPORT VOUCHERS 2017 scroll down

Either use the form below or if you wish to do it yourself on Eventor fill in you and your family's details and when it comes to the payment screen tick pay later. You will not be asked to pay anything unless you choose to continue membership after 28th February. New Members wishing to pay for the whole year can also use this form if you don't feel confident about using  Simply place Y next to the best option for you. To download our paper form:

 Why become a member of an orienteering club? 

Membership is annual (although you can join at any time) and gives members

  • lower entry fees at events
  • South Australian Orienteer - SA's orienteering newsletter. Electronic form only in 2017. Available for all members
  • Weekly Orienteering SA ENEWS & option to subscribe(free) to Orienteering Australia E-News
  • Australian Orienteer - national orienteering magazine. Electronic form in 2017. Full financial members have the option of getting a hard copy if they wish via the following link:  Order for a hard copy If you miss an order deadline your wishes will be recorded for future editions)
  • access to club based training and social activities
  • information on major orienteering events and carnivals
  • access to network of orienteers to provide assistance with orienteering activities, organising travel to events
  • Access to coaching at events and club coaching days.
  • Eligible for Orienteer of the Year (OY) awards.
  • Covered by Orienteering Australia's Public Risk Policy. 

You can join as:

  • an individual senior (21 and over) or individual junior (20 and under)
  • family (2 seniors and any dependent juniors).
  • School Membership: Go to Schools Page for details

Each club is loosely based in a geographic area.

Adelaide Metropolitan Clubs

Onkaparinga Hills Orienteering Club - Mitcham and Mitcham Hills area. Contact: Craig Colwell (08) 8339 8457

Tintookies Orienteering Club -northern suburbs. Contact: Fi Pahor (08) 8232 0652

Tjuringa Orienteers - southern suburbs. Contact Jan Hillyard (08)8381 4696

Wallaringa Orienteers - western and eastern suburbs. Contact Frank Tomas –(08) 8278 6449

Yalanga Orienteers - north eastern suburbs. Contact Ruth Nicolson    (08) 8339 5247

Country Clubs

Lincoln Orienteers - Port Lincoln and southern Eyre Peninsula. Contact Bron Saint

Saltbush Orienteers - Whyalla and surrounds. Contact John Paterson  8645 9697

Top End Orienteers- based in Darwin and affiliated with Orienteering SA. Susanne Casanova 

All participants in events run by Orienteering SA and its affiliated clubs are required to either become members or register as casual orienteers before participating in any events.

Casual Orienteering participating for the first time can register after their first event.


 The Sport Vouchers programme is a State Government initiative administered by the Office for Recreation& Sport. It is an opportunity for primary school students (ie R-7 attending in 2017) to receive a $50 discount off membership fees. This can also be used to reduce the cost of family membership. In the case of orienteering this applies to membership of all orienteering clubs in South Australia. The NT Government has its own scheme which applies to membership of  Top End Orienteers. The limit for SA clubs would be two memberships as this would currently pay for all or in one case almost the full cost of family membership of any club. So if you have more than 2 eligible children we suggest you use the others with different sports

What do I do to get this subsidy?

  1. Apply for a Voucher (This goes to Orienteering SA who are managing this for all SA orienteering clubs) for each eligible student online by clicking on the following link:
  2. If using Eventor to take out or renew membership make sure that you select one of the Sport Voucher Membership options. Don't forget you can use the voucher(s) to reduce your family membership.
  3. If you wish to be or renew your membership of Lincoln Orienteers or Saltbush make sure you indicate on the membership form that you have one or more vouchers and your fee will be reduced accordingly.

  Online 2017 Club Memberships now available through Eventor Click here to go to Eventor Site

 For New Members only who don't feel confident about using Eventor download our paper form:

To take up Casual Registration please download the form below

If you intend to email the form if possible please save it with your surname in the filename.

Pictorial Help with renewing Individual Membership in Eventor

Pictorial Help with renewing Family Group Membership in Eventor

Eventor Help Notes For Members

  Members from all metropolitan clubs (OH, YA, TT, TJ and WA) are able to register and pay online using either  electronic funds transfer with Polipayments (preferred as costs are less), Paypal or their credit card.

In the case of country clubs (SB, LI and TEO) you will have the option of paying by manual EFT, cheque or cash. Country clubs also have a paper membership form but are encouraged to register online as it will save their treasurer/secretary a lot of work having to enter your information into the system manually.

Need help with entering your membership - contact the club contact listed above.

Full membership: for the participant who wishes to access all the benefits of this membership category including membership of one of our affiliated clubs and discount event fees. Current members need to renew by 30th March to ensure continuity.

Casual Registration: for the participant who just wishes to try out orienteering or participate in an irregular manner with access to limited benefits. Higher fees apply for most events. Register through Eventor as above.

 A) Full Membership: Orienteers can join one of the Adelaide or country based (full or local membership) orienteering clubs.  However all club members as well as non-members are welcome at all events on the annual orienteering program

Full membership can be for an individual senior (21 and over), individual junior (20 and under), or family (2 seniors and any dependent juniors). 

B) Casual Registration: Compulsory registration required following attendance at first orienteering event in the calendar year for those previously registered. New persons can register prior to their first event or in the week following: 

Registration is valid for all of the calendar year. Higher event fees apply at almost all events  Benefits:

  •  Entry to all events conducted by Orienteering SA and affiliated clubs
  •   Weekly ENEWS & option to subscribe(free) to Orienteering Australia E-News
  •   Access to coaching at events
  • The right to convert to paid membership at any time
  • Covered by Orienteering Australia's Public Risk Policy.