Australian Three Days 2015 - South Australia

The Australian Three Days 2015 will be held in SA - Friday April 3rd - Monday April 6th


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The program will begin with the Prologue in Jamestown as advertised, with the 3 bush days in mallee areas about 30 km east of Jamestown and 50 km north of Burra.  These areas are north of areas used in 2007.

Note that this has changed from originally advertised in 2013 as the areas proposed for Days 1 and 2 at Wirrabara Forest were burnt early  in 2014. 

Two events will be held in the Mount Lofty Ranges near Adelaide on the following weekend (see Program page for more details)

The 4 days proposed are

Prologue Event: Jamestown as advertised
Day 1: Southern Bri-Glen - Northern Merridee with a new extension to west
Day 2: Bri-Glen –Tundarri (new area)
Day 3: Mulga Valley (new area)

Road Map of Event Areas:


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Tourist Information 

Burra Tourist Office

Peterborough Tourist Office (includes links to accomodation)

Peterborough Accommodation

 Nore accommodation near Peterborough:

Carnival Tourist Map & Information

Carnival Tourist Map

Carnival Tourist Map Notes

Accommodation options - approximate travel times to the 3 Day event areas are:

From Jamestown (limited accommodation, event centre camping here can be booked with entries) - 35-40  mins
From Burra - 50 - 55 mins
From Peterborough - 40 - 45 mins
From Clare - 70  - 75 mins
Other options - around Gladstone, Laura, Wirrabara 75- 80 mins

The Day 1 - 3 areas have none to limited mobile phone coverage (except on some hill tops).  So we plan to have all program and start list information available for download prior to the event.

The remainder of Meridee is being used for the SA Long Championships in 2014.

The following embargoes now apply

1. All of the current Bri-Glen Map
2. Any part of northern Meridee not otherwise used for the 2014 SA Long Championships.

For more information email -



Australian Three Days Update - Easter 2015

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

South Australia is hosting the Australian Three Days event this Easter (3rd  to 6th April).  The weekend begins with an urban event in Jamestown, followed by three bush events in mallee areas east of Jamestown and northeast of Hallett.  This will be the premier orienteering event in South Australia this year.  We have nearly 400 entries already and expect over 600 to compete from all around Australia plus a few from overseas.

Control in a shallow dry watercourse

However the Australian Three Days is an event for all orienteers. 

A large range of classes are available from the longer A courses, to shorter distance AS courses for those who still want the navigational challenge over a shorter distance, as well as the moderate navigation B courses for the more recreational orienteers.  If you are a friend or family member travelling with a person entering the age classes, you can still give orienteering a go at the event with Enter on the Day courses.

 The organising committee and others have been very busy preparing for the event, with mapping of new areas and updating some existing areas, and planning the extra activities associated with a major event such as this (camping, liaison with locals, organising catering, setting up and taking the entries etc).  Each of our local clubs is assigned a set of tasks for the actual event days, so contact your local club if you are able to help (and don’t forget to enter – see link below).  Clubs have the option to get together and camp at the Jamestown event centre (book a camping site with your entry and you can still do this after you have entered if needed).

 The courses planners have been very busy over the last few months finalising the courses, this is nearing completion.  The Jamestown event begins with the elite races, after which other orienteers can enter in the Public Prologue covering the same courses plus a shorter course.  You can put three family members together to enter the Family Teams event (results are both overall and on handicap based on ages). 

 The three following days are all in mallee terrain, with the details and styles of course setting varying each day.  Day 1 set by Simon Uppill on the southern part of Bri-Glen, northern Merridee and an extension to the west, has Middle Distance format course setting through the complex creek systems of this area.  Day 2 set by Phil Hazell on Tundarri (new area) and northern Bri-Glen varies in style through creek systems on the eastern flatter parts of the map to more traditional long distance courses setting on the typical mallee spur gully terrain to the west.  Paul Hoopmann has set the Day 3 courses on the new Mulga Valley map, where subtle topography dissected by steeper creek systems offers a third style of courses. 


View from western Tundarri


All the course planners have included spectator legs on the longer courses, so whilst you are not out running on your courses, you can watch other orienteers on their courses from the Assembly areas.

 For more information see all the details at

If you haven’t entered, standard entries close on March 1st, with late entries to March 13th   See the information on how to enter and the link to the Eventor entry pages at

 If you need assistance entering contact Ken Thompson at

Sections of Bri-Glen and Merridee to be used on Day 1

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